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Sookasa enables team administrators to monitor real-time activity, assess data usage analytics, zero in on privileged user access behavior, audit location-aware access attempts, and automatically flag valuable contract and customer exports. That way, it’s easy to keep tabs on the behavior of departing sales reps as well as content and chatter that contains confidential information.

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Sookasa’s Salesforce product seamlessly integrates with enterprise file sync-and-share encryption products to appropriately protect sensitive data as well as drive advanced remediation of risks.

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Monitor activity to make sure that your policies—concerning everything from file access to contract storage—are followed, and enforce them with advanced educational and remediation actions on Sookasa’s Dashboard.

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Learn more about how Sookasa can secure Salesforce—and all your organization’s SaaS solutions—to protect your sales and customer data.

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Trusted by enterprises everywhere.

“Sookasa allowed our hospital to safely deploy Dropbox, enabling us to make our doctors happy—and deliver better care.”

—Gerry Moore, CIO, St. James Hospital Group

“Sookasa makes me sleep a little better knowing I’m keeping my clients’ information online safely. With Sookasa and Dropbox, I’m always tapped in to a client’s case. If a client calls or emails for a status update, I can address it immediately—wherever I am, whenever they need.”

—Don Murray, Founding Partner, Shalley & Murray criminal defense firm

“Sookasa will enable us to utilize cloud storage to allow all employees of KIPP Houston to access our data from anywhere, on any device, universally synced, that is HIPAA compliant. This ability makes KIPP more efficient through cutting edge technology.”

—Son Han, Director of Accounting, KIPP Houston Charter Schools

“As a federal bank subsidiary regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Dropbox did not provide us with the security and controls required to be in compliance. Sookasa, however, now secures and encrypts all our files allowing us to use Dropbox… and it’s all seamless! Thank you Sookasa for a terrific product!”

—Kenneth J. Klawans, Founder, iReverse Home Loans





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Seamless integration with the Salesforce platform

Sookasa delivers all the security you need for Salesforce—without changing the way your sales team needs to work. We also integrate with the most popular operating systems, devices, and SSO services.


Key Features

Track Access To Sales Data
Share Data Securely
Gain Visibility
Audit User Behavior
Instant Remediation
Fully Integrated Solution

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