Secure file exchange made simple

With its proprietary secure file exchange solution, Sookasa is empowering teams to collaborate more effectively. Sookasa unites the power of cloud storage, sharing, and syncing solutions with its data encryption and control platform. Sookasa makes secure file exchange just that: Totally secure, so you never have to worry about sharing sensitive information with colleagues or collaborators outside your company.

A secure file exchange solution that enables collaboration among teams and partners

Sookasa's secure file exchange approach combines the convenience of the cloud with the data protection businesses need



Sookasa creates a special folder within Dropbox or Google Drive that protects your files with seamless encryption.



Simply drag your files into Sookasa to encrypt. We’ll decrypt files the moment you need them.



Our encryption solution works in harmony with Dropbox and Google Drive to sync and share your files.

Why Sookasa?

File exchange platforms like email and VPN are not secure or reliable enough, which compromises the power of sharing data and knowledge—especially in regulated industries.

Security tools often turn secure file exchange into a headache, requiring external partners to download clunky software, failing to send large files like images, or rendering encrypted data unusable.

Sookasa’s secure file exchange platform enables collaboration, so professionals can both send confidential data via shared folders and one-time secure links and receive info through a convenient upload portal.

Our secure file exchange features

Sookasa’s secure file exchange solutions come with best-in-class security

Exchange encrypted files easily

Sookasa uses powerful 256-bit AES encryption for all files and keys—making secure file exchange truly secure

Protect shared files on devices

Sookasa’s secure file exchange data protection keeps files safe no matter where they are, so work can be truly mobile

Secure file exchange options

Professionals rely Sookasa and cloud storage services to simply share encrypted files and folders, and they turn to Sookasa’s proprietary File Delivery platform to securely send and receive files with people who don’t have Sookasa or Dropbox

Easy file access revocation

Sookasa enables admins to exercise meaningful control over data, even allowing keys for a device or particular user to be revoked with the click of a button

Our file encryption software features

Multiple Ways To Share

With several ways to share, Sookasa’s secure file exchange solutions make it easy to collaborate with colleagues, patients, and clients alike — whether they have Sookasa or not.

Shared Folders


Use the combination of Sookasa and cloud storage providers with collaborators to easily and securely share sensitive files and folders. Sookasa only allows people you’ve authorized to view particular files, and you can revise permissions in real-time. Learn More »

File Delivery Platform


SEND Need to send a one-­off file to a patient, client, or colleague? Simply send them a link to the file encrypted by Sookasa, which will allow secure file exchange. Learn More »


RECEIVE Sookasa makes it easy to securely receive encrypted files from anyone—even if they don’t have Sookasa or the same cloud storage provider. Learn More »

Secure file exchange for professionals, SMBs, and enterprises

Pay for clunky secure file exchange solutions

Thousands a month in lost productivity

Loopholes like requiring VPN connections take time without adding substantial security, compromising potential productivity gains.

Use secure file exchange solutions that don’t work well—and that employees don’t use

Thousands of dollars / breach

If your secure file exchange solution isn’t as easy as email or cloud-based sharing solutions, employees might continue to rely on these methods.

Sookasa’s simple, seamless secure file exchange solution

$10 / user / month

Get up and running on Sookasa’s data protection platform and leverage its secure file exchange solutions in minutes.

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