A secure SFTP server alternative

The SFTP server remains popular among businesses sending and receiving large files, especially in industries with HIPAA or other compliance concerns. The problem, of course, is that with SFTP servers, you get even less than what you pay for: They’re not that convenient, and the technology isn’t especially secure. Sookasa acts as an alternative to SFTP servers by providing a transparent layer of encryption over the cloud. Sookasa enables people to securely and easily transfer large files more reliably and safely than paid or free SFTP servers.

Sookasa’s SFTP server solution preserves the convenience of the cloud while adding total security

Sookasa's cloud solution works the way secure file exchange should—but SFTP doesn't



Sookasa creates a special folder within Dropbox or Google Drive that protects your files with seamless encryption.



Simply drag your files into Sookasa to encrypt. We’ll decrypt files the moment you need them.



Our encryption solution works in harmony with Dropbox and Google Drive to sync and share your files.

Why Sookasa?

SFTP servers are neither convenient nor sufficiently secure, despite the fact that many organizations rely on SFTP to send large files in a compliant way.

The cloud is making it more convenient to exchange files, by harnessing the power of servers to send large files quickly and by seamlessly syncing across devices.

But like SFTP servers, the cloud needs extra security from Sookasa, enabling professionals to use the cloud to exchange files securely—the way SFTP should work.

How healthcare organizations rely on Sookasa to replace the SFTP

Numerous companies have turned to Sookasa as an alternative to the clunky, unsecure SFTP

The challenge

Awareness of SFTP inadequacies is growing, but transferring large files in a compliant way presents a challenge.

The criteria

Organizations require ways to transfer large files easily and securely, between frequent partners or on a one-off basis with patients or clients.

The solution

The combination of Dropbox and Sookasa enables seamless exchange of encrypted data, without causing problems or failing due to file size.

The results

Organizations that have implemented Sookasa instead of an SFTP save time, prevent headaches, and enhance the security of their important files.

Our SFTP replacement features


Transparent encryption

Sookasa uses powerful 256-bit AES encryption for all files and keys, a more secure approach than SFTP.


Encryption on devices

Sookasa protects files no matter where they are, even protecting info on mobile devices—a key feature that many SFTP providers can’t account for.

Easy file sharing

With our proprietary File Delivery platform, securely send and receive files with people who don’t have Sookasa or Dropbox—no SFTP setup required.


Simplified access revocation

Sookasa’s SFTP alternative enables admins to revoke the keys for a device or particular user at any time with the click of a button.


Offline access

Unlike SFTP servers, Sookasa allows offline access by caching the keys securely for a specified period of time.


Data and key separation

Sookasa’s SFTP solution does not store files on its servers. It simply manages the encryption key distribution, access control, and audit trail collection.

The right SFTP alternative for professionals, SMBs, and enterprises

Pay vast sums for a clunky SFTP

Thousands a month

Pay hundreds of dollars for an SFTP that doesn’t adequately meet your security or convenience needs.

Risk unauthorized reliance on an unsecure file sharing service as an SFTP alternative

Thousands of dollars / breach

Nearly half of employees bring their favorite cloud services to work without IT knowledge or approval, and in doing so they risking a breach

Sookasa’s simple, secure SFTP alternative

$10 / user / month

Get up and running on Sookasa’s SFTP alternative solution in minutes.

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