Boxcryptor alternative

To help you identify a Boxcryptor alternative, we’ll break down a bit about what Boxcryptor does as well as share what you should look for in a Boxcryptor alternative, including the one provided by Sookasa.Read more »

File encryption software

Sookasa’s file encryption software was built with the idea that it shouldn’t be so difficult to protect your data, especially as it proliferates on the cloud. Our file encryption software solution provides the most seamless way to secure your Dropbox files on the market, and our end-to-end file encryption software solution protects files wherever they are, from the cloud to devices.

A secure SFTP server alternative

The SFTP server remains popular among businesses sending and receiving large files, especially in industries with HIPAA or other compliance concerns. The problem, of course, is that with SFTP servers, you get even less than what you pay for: They’re not that convenient, and the technology isn’t especially secure. Sookasa acts as an alternative to SFTP servers by providing a transparent layer of encryption over the cloud. Sookasa enables people to securely and easily transfer large files more reliably and safely than paid or free SFTP servers.

Encrypted cloud storage

Encrypted cloud storage solutions often either sacrifice user experience or security. But Sookasa’s encrypted cloud storage solution works as a transparent layer over Dropbox to ensure that your encrypted cloud storage protects files both in the cloud and across connected devices.

PCI DSS Compliance Checklist

Credit card fraud is a serious problem, but it’s an avoidable one. If your company accepts payments by credit card, you’re responsible for complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, or PCI DSS—an unwieldy acronym, to be sure, but a simple set of 12 steps that will make your life easier. More importantly, PCI DSS compliance will inspire confidence in your clients when they entrust you with their most sensitive information.Read more »