Encrypted cloud storage

Encrypted cloud storage solutions often either sacrifice user experience or security. But Sookasa’s encrypted cloud storage solution works as a transparent layer over Dropbox to ensure that your encrypted cloud storage protects files both in the cloud and across connected devices.

Sookasa’s encrypted cloud storage solution preserves the convenience of the cloud while adding total security

Sookasa combines with Dropbox to create the best encrypted cloud storage solution on the market



Sookasa creates a special folder within Dropbox or Google Drive that protects your files with seamless encryption.



Simply drag your files into Sookasa to encrypt. We’ll decrypt files the moment you need them.



Our encryption solution works in harmony with Dropbox and Google Drive to sync and share your files.

Why Sookasa?

The cloud is making access to files more convenient by offering instant access and syncing updates across devices and users.

But even encrypted cloud storage providers aren’t totally secure, forcing people to suffer a tradeoff between privacy and productivity, or seek out a clunkier encrypted cloud storage solution.

Sookasa’s encrypted cloud storage solution bridges this gap, allowing people to use the cloud to power productivity while keeping files encrypted on devices.

How one lawyer relies on Sookasa’s encrypted cloud storage solution

Don Murray of Shalley & Murray Criminal Defense turned to Sookasa as an encrypted cloud storage solution

The challenge

Murray knew Dropbox was an encrypted cloud storage solution, but he needed additional security to protect files on devices

The criteria

Murray prioritized finding a way to store store client files so he could easily access them from court or on the go. Dropbox’s encrypted cloud storage was a natural solution—but he was concerned about security on devices

The solution

The combination of Dropbox and Sookasa enabled seamless access to sensitive data: a truly encrypted cloud storage solution that extended protection to devices

The results

Murray is now able to use his encrypted cloud storage with confidence, even enhancing the legal counsel he can provide by keeping all his case information at his fingertips.

Our encrypted cloud storage features


Transparent encrypted cloud storage

Sookasa uses powerful 256-bit AES encryption for all files and keys.


Encryption on devices

Sookasa protects files no matter where they are, even protecting info on mobile devices—a key feature that many encrypted cloud storage providers lack.


Automatic expiration

Sookasa requires a password after a predefined period of inactivity, so that unauthorized people can’t access your encrypted cloud storage.


Simplified off-boarding

Sookasa’s encrypted cloud storage solution enables admins to revoke the keys for a device or particular user at any time with the click of a button.


Offline access

Sookasa allows offline access by caching the keys securely for a specified period of time. Once a key expires, device must move online to access files.


Data and key separation

Sookasa’s encrypted cloud storage solution does not store your files on its servers. It simply manages the encryption key distribution, access control, and audit trail collection.

The right choice for professionals, SMBs, and enterprises

Pay for and monitor an intricate network of devices

Thousands a month

Pay hundreds of dollars for a service that doesn’t adequately meet your mobile needs.

Risk unauthorized use of an unsecure file sharing service

Thousands of dollars / breach

Nearly half of employees bring their favorite programs to work without approval, thereby risking a breach

Sookasa’s simple, secure encryption service

$10 / user / month

Get up and running on Sookasa’s encrypted cloud storage solution in minutes.

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