Encrypt Dropbox folder

How to encrypt Dropbox folders

Whether you’re collaborating on a project, running a business, or working across multiple devices, Dropbox is a boon, with its seamless sharing capabilities and easy access. For all its benefits, however, Dropbox can still be vulnerable when it comes to security: A stolen laptop or pilfered password can be just what a hacker needs to infiltrate your most important files. But it doesn’t have to be so bleak. It’s easy to encrypt Dropbox folders with Sookasa, ensuring that cloud-based file sharing and reliable security need not be mutually exclusive.

Why encrypt Dropbox folder?

Storing data in the cloud is an increasingly common practice, and with good reason: It’s easy to share your files or photos with colleagues or friends, and with a work culture increasingly on the go, files are at your fingertips on any device at work or at home. But Dropbox isn’t invincible, and an extra layer of encrypted security can go a long way to protect important documents.

Encrypt Dropbox folders if you work in an industry like law, health care, or education that regularly handles sensitive client, patient, or student information. As more and more businesses in these fields rely on the cloud, making sure you’re adapting your web practices to comply with HIPAA, FERPA, or PCI DSS is crucial. Encrypted Dropbox folders let you reliably store sensitive information without fear of violating the law or inadvertently divulging personal information.

How do you encrypt a Dropbox folder?

You have a couple of different options. You can encrypt the entire drive. You can also manually encrypt your files before putting them on Dropbox. Or, Sookasa can do it for you! Our installation wizard will lead you through the painless installation process, which will add a folder called “Sookasa” to your existing Dropbox. That folder is a safe haven for your sensitive files; anything you put in it is automatically encrypted. That includes files—from Word documents to spreadsheets to photos, videos, and PDFs—as well as folders full of information.

How does it work to encrypt a Dropbox folder?

Any file you place in your “Sookasa” Dropbox folder is instantly intercepted and encrypted, even before it ever syncs with Dropbox. This means that if Dropbox syncs your files to other devices or other users, they’ll remain encrypted—and protected. Similarly, if a hack lands your files in the wrong hands, the information will appear as a jumble of incomprehensible letters.

It’s important to note that Sookasa doesn’t just protect a container. It’s protecting the files themselves, which means the security follows the data wherever it goes.

Sookasa itself never stores any files—it just manages the encryption. The encryption keys, in turn, are never divulged to Dropbox. This means that no one program keeps both the content and the key, and only you, the user, can put them both together. This, we believe, is a key component of good security hygiene—separating data and keys. Only you have full control over the contents of your “Sookasa” folder. You dictate which collaborators, colleagues, or clients can access files, which remain encrypted even if the recipient does not use Sookasa or even Dropbox. This means that encrypted files that leave Dropbox and, say, get emailed, retain their encryption and always arrive safely at their destination.

How is Sookasa different from other ways to encrypt a Dropbox folder?

Encrypted Dropbox folders are a great means of ensuring cloud security, so it’s no surprise that several programs are beginning to offer the service. But Sookasa is the only solution that offers an end-to-end encrypt Dropbox folder solution to protect files before they ever reach Dropbox. Other solutions utilize a separate drive to encrypt, meaning that working through the native Dropbox folder will actually expose your unencrypted data to the cloud! Sookasa has also differentiated itself by preserving the native Dropbox experience. You read that right: With Sookasa, you can encrypt Dropbox folders, and work with Dropbox exactly the same way. We mentioned earlier that Sookasa creates an encrypted Dropbox folder within your Dropbox folder. That means there’s nothing new to learn when you want to encrypt a Dropbox folder, no time lags to brace for, and no broken collaboration or sharing.

Sookasa paired with Dropbox is the only cloud-based solution that enables unequivocal HIPAA and FERPA compliance, making it a smart choice for professionals seeking to share and store information securely.