EMR Software Replacement

High-quality, efficient care depends on access to electronic medical records from anywhere—which in turn relies on the cloud. As an EMR software replacement, Sookasa’s seamless encryption solution provides a secure, cloud-based way to store and share clinical notes. And as an EMR software replacement supplement, Sookasa provides a safe, simple conduit for uploading files from patients into your EMR. With electronic health record adoption on the rise, it’s a smart move to consider the security of each element of your workflow.

Sookasa’s EMR software replacement enables HIPAA-compliant use of the cloud and secure access to PHI

Sookasa answers a key question for EMR software replacement vendors: How to securely and simply store, share, and access PHI



Sookasa creates a special folder within Dropbox or Google Drive that protects your files with seamless encryption.



Simply drag your files into Sookasa to encrypt. We’ll decrypt files the moment you need them.



Our encryption solution works in harmony with Dropbox and Google Drive to sync and share your files.

Why Sookasa?

Electronic medical records are improving care delivery by simplifying care coordination among providers, streamlining information sharing with patients, and more.

But most EMR software programs are expensive and clunky, forcing healthcare professionals to suffer a tradeoff between privacy and productivity, or seek out an EMR software replacement.

Sookasa’s EMR software replacement bridges the convenience and compliance gap, allowing healthcare professionals to use the clouud to power productivity, deliver better care, and remain HIPAA-compliant.

How one plastic surgeon relies on Sookasa as an EMR software replacement

Dr. Jonathan Kaplan of Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery turned to Sookasa as an EMR software replacement

The challenge

Dr. Kaplan had used a commercial EMR at his former employer, but he wanted an EMR software replacement to cut costs and improve access

The criteria

Kaplan was focused on finding a way to store store patient files, access them from his tablet at home, and share information with my patients or their medical providers. The cloud was a natural solution—but he was concerned about security and HIPAA compliance

The solution

The combination of Dropbox and Sookasa enabled seamless access to clinical notes in a compliant way

The results

PHPS now has no need for a server or a VPN, and it’s practically gotten rid of the fax machine. Best of all, it’s enhanced his quality of care.

Our EMR software replacement features


Robust Encryption

Sookasa uses powerful 256-bit AES encryption for all files and keys. No time to upload information into your current EMR? Many of our customers rely on Sookasa as a mobile-friendly platform to securely transfer or hold data.


Security on devices

Sookasa protects files no matter where they are, making it possible to protect PHI on mobile devices—a key feature for practices that already have EMR systems.


Automatic Expiration

Sookasa requires a password after a predefined period of inactivity or if a device has gone offline.


Simplified Off-boarding

To prevent access to sensitive files, revoke all the keys for a device or particular user at any time with the click of a button. Ensure that only employees who need access to PHI get it.


Offline Access

Sookasa allows offline access by caching the keys securely for a specified period of time. Once a key expires, device must move online to access files.


Data and Key Separation

Sookasa does not store your files on its servers. It simply manages the encryption key distribution, access control, and audit trail collection.

The right choice for healthcare professionals, clinics, and many others

Pay and maintain network-centric EMR software

Thousands a month

Pay hundreds of dollars for a service that doesn’t adequately meet your practice’s mobile needs.

Risk unauthorized use of an unsecure file sharing service

Thousands of dollars / breach

Nearly half of employees bring their favorite programs to work without approval, thereby risking a breach

Sookasa’s simple, secure encryption service

$10 / user / month

Get up and running on Sookasa’s EMR software replacement in minutes.

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