Slack security basics

Slack has taken companies by storm, and with good reason: The communications platform makes it easy and convenient to chat with co-workers, collaborate on projects, and share files all in one place while virtually eliminating internal emails. But with so much information being shared among large groups of people, it can be hard to stay vigilant when it comes to Slack security. Read more »

OneDrive Security: An Overview

With more than 250 million users and counting, Microsoft’s OneDrive is a rapidly growing enterprise file sync-and-share (EFSS) solution that’s quickly being snatched up by businesses as part of Office 365. But as with all cloud solutions, we have to ask the questions about OneDrive security: Is OneDrive security good enough on its own? And maybe more importantly, what can you do yourself to enhance OneDrive security in order to ensure that your sensitive files are as secure as possible?Read more »

Why do I need a CASB?

By 2020, nearly every business in this country is expected to have fully integrated the cloud into its day-to-day operations. That’s great for productivity and efficiency, but the prospect of so much data floating around in the cloud may seem daunting from the perspective of security. After all, how are CIOs and IT departments supposed to keep track of all the apps, cloud providers, and files employees are using? Enter the cloud access security broker, or CASB. A CASB is a control point to secure cloud services and typically unifies a number of security measures used across the cloud to make detection, management, and enforcement much easier to deploy and control.

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Google Drive HIPAA compliance 101

If you work in the healthcare industry—or work with protected health information—and want to use Google Drive, HIPAA compliance is no doubt top of mind. Critically, however, for Google Drive HIPAA compliance to hold across devices, admins need to disable certain elements of the service, like file synchronization. Let’s unpack what you need to know to use Google Drive in compliance with HIPAA.

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All about Google Drive encryption

 With Google Drive—and Google Apps for Work—gaining in popularity when it comes to cloud usage in the workplace, Google Drive security is becoming an important topic of discussion. When dealing with your most sensitive information, it’s often not enough to rely on Google Drive’s default security measures, and adding an additional layer of Google Drive encryption is essential. The security Sookasa offers enables you to seamlessly incorporate Google Drive encryption into your workflow, protecting your data wherever it resides.Read more »