Why do I need a CASB?

By 2020, nearly every business in this country is expected to have fully integrated the cloud into its day-to-day operations. That’s great for productivity and efficiency, but the prospect of so much data floating around in the cloud may seem daunting from the perspective of security. After all, how are CIOs and IT departments supposed to keep track of all the apps, cloud providers, and files employees are using? Enter the cloud access security broker, or CASB. A CASB is a control point to secure cloud services and typically unifies a number of security measures used across the cloud to make detection, management, and enforcement much easier to deploy and control.

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Google Drive HIPAA compliance 101

If you work in the healthcare industry—or work with protected health information—and want to use Google Drive, HIPAA compliance is no doubt top of mind. Critically, however, for Google Drive HIPAA compliance to hold across devices, admins need to disable certain elements of the service, like file synchronization. Let’s unpack what you need to know to use Google Drive in compliance with HIPAA.

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All about Google Drive encryption

 With Google Drive—and Google Apps for Work—gaining in popularity when it comes to cloud usage in the workplace, Google Drive security is becoming an important topic of discussion. When dealing with your most sensitive information, it’s often not enough to rely on Google Drive’s default security measures, and adding an additional layer of Google Drive encryption is essential. The security Sookasa offers enables you to seamlessly incorporate Google Drive encryption into your workflow, protecting your data wherever it resides.Read more »

Google Drive security basics

When integrating Google Drive into your company’s operations—or even if you’re just using it for your own personal use—it’s important to know what Google Drive security provides and how to make the most of it. While it provides excellent security when files are stored on Google’s cloud servers, it runs into problems when files are synced across devices. This necessitates taking additional precautions to keep your files safe wherever they are—and that’s where Sookasa steps in to help.

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Secure file exchange made simple

With its proprietary secure file exchange solution, Sookasa is empowering teams to collaborate more effectively. Sookasa unites the power of cloud storage, sharing, and syncing solutions with its data encryption and control platform. Sookasa makes secure file exchange just that: Totally secure, so you never have to worry about sharing sensitive information with colleagues or collaborators outside your company.