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Sookasa Unveils Breakthrough Data Loss Prevention Product, File Scan

Sookasa now provides all the tools enterprises need to secure corporate data on the cloud with its fully integrated CASB solution

Cloud security company Sookasa has announced the launch of File Scan, a data loss prevention product that makes Sookasa the first fully integrated detection, protection, and enforcement cloud access security broker for Dropbox for Business.

File Scan is a next-generation DLP tailor-made to the needs of businesses that rely on SaaS solutions to boost productivity and enhance collaboration. File Scan identifies high-risk data exposed on Dropbox for Business to prevent imminent security breaches and close a critical security gap that exists on the cloud for businesses everywhere.

While traditional DLP solutions can only block the upload of content, an approach that often hinders productivity, Sookasa’s File Scan, coupled with Sookasa’s transparent file encryption product, enables customers to use the cloud for everything—even their most sensitive information—rather than prevent data from reaching the cloud.

“We want to empower businesses to discover and classify sensitive data, so they can take back control on the cloud,” said Asaf Cidon, CEO and co-founder of Sookasa. “You can’t protect yourself against the risks you aren’t aware of. It’s a cliche, but in the security world, knowledge really is power.”

File Scan uses complex detection algorithms and the APIs of its business partner Dropbox for Business to scan team cloud storage accounts for keywords, patterns like credit card and Social Security numbers, and other sensitive corporate data that requires protection. The results break down the number of encrypted and unencrypted files on the cloud, flag high-risk data exposures, and map out internal and external sharing patterns. In this way, Sookasa arms team administrators with the intelligence they need to mitigate data loss risks as well as provides a seamless way to encrypt and properly secure that data. Sookasa is the first company to provide an end-to-end data protection platform that can both detect sensitive files stored on Dropbox for Business and transparently encrypt them.

File sync-and-share solutions—like those provided by Dropbox and Google Drive—demand a disruption of the traditional data security model, which until now has relied on perimeter-based tools like firewalls and anti-virus software. As consumer-grade solutions have been popularized alongside mobile work trends, corporate data is increasingly being accessed outside the network walls and from personal, unmanaged devices.

“These days, data doesn’t just exist in one place; it’s everywhere. This phenomenon poses a complex challenge for IT—and historically, a costly one at that,” Cidon continued.

In fact, global spending on information security is expected to reach $77 billion this year, driven by the increasing adoption of mobile and cloud technologies. The data loss prevention segment will grow the fastest at 19 percent, according to Gartner.

Robust security hinges upon knowing where sensitive data exists—and with the mass proliferation of files on the cloud, even pinpointing whether files have important information is often easier said than done. Sookasa is bringing to the cloud the level of security and practical data protection solutions that were once expected of on-prem networks in order to alleviate these modern security challenges.

“At Sookasa, we believe that the cloud can be the home for all your data so long as it’s properly secured,” Cidon said. “The DLP world has so far focused on preventing data from being uploaded to the cloud. But this approach is naive. Resisting user adoption of SaaS solutions isn’t going to work—they’re going to use them whether IT likes it or not, which will lead to unsecured data. File Scan changes that calculus.”

Sookasa provides the first fully integrated detection, protection, and enforcement CASB platform for SaaS solutions. The Sookasa solution detects high-risk data that’s exposed on the cloud, encrypts it everywhere it’s synced, and provides advanced enforcement techniques to address risks. Sookasa also enables compliance with HIPAA, FERPA, PCI DSS, FINRA, and GLBA regulations.

To learn more about how Sookasa’s fully integrated CASB solution can simplify security across the cloud for your organization, visit us online or contact us for a demo at 844.296.7963.

Sookasa: Security, simplified.