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Sookasa Announces Platform Integration with Google Drive

Sookasa’s holistic cloud security solution makes it possible for businesses to safely adopt the SaaS platform and securely synchronize files across unmanaged devices

Cloud security company Sookasa today announced its new integration with Google Drive, paving the way for businesses to safely adopt the SaaS platform and permit—for the first time—secure file synchronization across devices.

Sookasa provides seamless, end-to-end encryption and administrative control for data in the cloud and on devices. Sookasa’s holistic cloud security solutions are designed to resolve the tension between the productivity gains and the security challenges that arise from the proliferation of data on the cloud. In addition, Sookasa enables cloud compliance with federal regulations including HIPAA, PCI DSS, FINRA, SOX, FERPA, and GLBA.

“We’re thrilled to announce our support for Google Drive,” said Asaf Cidon, CEO and co-founder of Sookasa. “Google is the unquestioned leader in providing cutting-edge productivity tools suitable for both end-users and enterprises. We launched Sookasa for Google Drive after hearing again and again from teams that love the Google Apps for Work ecosystem, but require our additional layer of security—especially for information synced to devices.”

Sookasa officially partnered with Dropbox for Businessin December 2014, which accelerated the adoption of both solutions among businesses in regulated industries. Google Apps for Work has gained traction with more than 5 million organizations, including 60 percent of the Fortune 500, due to its ease-of-use, strong server security, and tight integrations across collaboration and storage tools. Sookasa complements and enhances these features by providing unprecedented data and access control for files stored, synced, and shared on Google Drive, making it possible for businesses with strict security requirements to convert to the platform. Moreover, the common threat of users accessing sensitive files on unmanaged devices is diminished with the unprecedented control Sookasa is able to provide.

“The rising popularity of bring-your-own-device, as well as the increased employee adoption of SaaS file synchronization solutions, has led to a paradigm shift in how work gets done,” Cidon continued. “These dynamics demand a new framework for security and control, as the ease with which SaaS solutions enable data access introduces a plethora of security and data loss risks. At Sookasa, our mission is to address these challenges while facilitating the productivity gains of SaaS.”

Although industry-leading cloud storage solutions, including Google Drive and Dropbox, extend AES 256-bit encryption to data stored on their servers and in transit, data synced to or stored on devices is left unprotected. The subsequent theft or loss of these synced devices—which happens with alarming frequency—can lead to a massive data breach. The lack of endpoint security also means that, without Sookasa, SaaS file sharing services only provide audit trails for files while they are stored on the cloud. Once these files are synchronized to a device or shared externally, they become untraceable.

As a result, before Sookasa rolled out its solution, many businesses in regulated industries were forced to disable or limit file synchronization to ensure security and comply with federal laws such as HIPAA. This necessary precaution impeded the primary productivity advantages of cloud-based solutions.

“We’ve been waiting for this kind of development since the moment we started helping companies deploy Google Drive,” said Tim Hochman, CEO of Lark Information Technology, which performs IT consulting for businesses of all sizes. “The tricky thing for many of our clients is that we have to limit the kind of data that’s stored in Google Drive, or disable syncing entirely when sensitive information is involved. With Sookasa, our clients can realize the full potential of Google Apps with all their data, even the most sensitive.”

By integrating with Dropbox and Google Drive, Sookasa makes it possible for businesses to focus on what really matters: working productively—and securely—in the cloud.

“At Sookasa, we believe businesses and employees shouldn’t have to compromise productivity for the sake of security,” Cidon said. “That’s why we provide end-to-end, fool-proof security, so that working normally with data doesn’t pose an inadvertent risk.”

About Sookasa
Sookasa is an end-to-end cloud security platform, enabling professionals to use their favorite cloud storage solution to back up, sync, and share sensitive data while complying with regulations such as HIPAA and PCI DSS. Sookasa provides a complete compliance shield around files by encrypting with bank-grade AES 256-bit encryption and using patented cloud-based key management to restrict access to authorized employees and partners. Sookasa is headquartered in San Mateo, Calif. and is backed by Accel Partners.