Win client confidence and protect case files in the cloud

With seamless, file-level encryption for Dropbox and Google Drive, Sookasa protects your most important asset: client trust.

Why Sookasa?

With the cloud, the office can be anywhere, keeping key case information close and making it possible to be as productive on-the-go or in the courtroom as you are in the office.

But most cloud services are not secure enough, forcing attorneys to suffer a tradeoff between client confidentiality and productivity, or implement systems that aren’t as easy­ to use as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Sookasa delivers the security attorneys need, allowing legal professionals to use Dropbox and Drive to power productivity and deliver superior legal services while preserving airtight security.

Power your legal practice with Sookasa’s Google Drive and Dropbox encryption

Manage your caseload from anywhere

  • Securely access your files on the go—without worrying about breaking privilege or breaching privacy laws.
  • Back up all your important client and case information.
  • Monitor file activity and authorize or block users and devices.

Coordinate case strategy with co-counsel

  • Securely share information with co-counsel outside your firm.
  • Seamlessly and safely transfer files like wiretaps or bet-the-company litigation docs.
  • Easily manage and collaborate on discovery during cases.

Securely send and receive client files

  • Securely send files to anyone.
  • Safely and simply receive sensitive information from clients—even if they don’t have Sookasa or Dropbox.

Sookasa allows attorneys to use the cloud while protecting client and case information

Robust encryption

Sookasa’s patented technology offers the highest standards of security and control.

Complete audit trail

Audit all data accesses and changes made by anyone to any file.

Automatic device lock

Lock your application automatically after periods of inactivity.

Device and user blocking

Block lost or stolen devices, restrict user access, and wipe devices remotely.

Emergency access

Get secure access to files in urgent situations via the web dashboard.