How It Works

Sookasa's Dropbox encryption solution makes the cloud productive and safe.

How it Works How it Works

We create a magic folder within Dropbox called Sookasa.

Our application encrypts every file placed inside this Dropbox folder.

Dropbox syncs and stores files within the Sookasa folder the same way it handles everything else.

Sookasa never stores your files — that’s Dropbox’s job — but we protect them before they ever reach the cloud.

Open encrypted files on any device running the Sookasa application.

It’s easy to get started

Install Sookasa and Dropbox

Install Sookasa and Dropbox

Once our file encryption software is installed on your computer, Sookasa creates a special folder within Dropbox that protects your files.

Protect Your Files

Protect Your Files

Simply drag your files into the Sookasa folder to encrypt them. We’ll decrypt files the moment you need to work with them.

Share with Collaborators

Share with Collaborators

To authorize people to share your Sookasa files, right‐click on an item and select “Share Securely via Sookasa." You’ll share folders the same way you always have on Dropbox.

Multiple Ways To Share

With several ways to share, Sookasa’s Dropbox encryption solution makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues, patients, and clients alike — whether they have Sookasa or not.

Shared Folders


Use Sookasa’s Dropbox encryption solution to easily and securely share sensitive files and folders with collaborators. Sookasa only allows people you’ve authorized to view particular files, and you can revise permissions in real-time.

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File Delivery



Need to send a one-­off file to a patient, client, or colleague? Simply send them a secure link, which will allow them to securely access your file protected with our proprietary Dropbox encryption solution.

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With Sookasa, you can receive encrypted files from anyone, from patients to clients to external collaborators—even if they don’t have Sookasa. Each access point is authenticated and audited.

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