Enjoy peace of mind with a HIPAA- compliant cloud

By bringing unprecedented security and control to the cloud, Sookasa enables you to focus on what really matters: providing excellent care.

Why Sookasa?

The cloud simplifies healthcare delivery keeping clinical data close, coordinating care among providers, sharing information with patients, and transferring data to billing and insurance companies.

But HIPAA compliant cloud storage is hard to come by, forcing healthcare professionals to suffer a tradeoff between privacy and productivity, or implement systems like SFTP that aren’t as easy­ to use as Dropbox.

Sookasa bridges the convenience and compliance gap, allowing healthcare professionals to use Dropbox to power productivity and deliver better care, all while remaining HIPAA-compliant.

Transform your practice with Sookasa’s HIPAA-compliant cloud storage solution


Manage your practice

  • Securely access your files from anywhere.
  • Back up all your important information.
  • Streamline care coordination with secure sharing among doctors and staff.


Coordinate billing

  • Securely share on patient health information with partners outside your organization.
  • Transfer files to medical billing companies.
  • Coordinate with insurance companies.


Securely send and receive files

  • Securely send files to anyone, and leave the unsecure SFTP behind.
  • Patients can safely and easily send PHI to you—all they need is an internet connection.
  • Never again ask patients to stop by with sensitive information or resort to fax or snail mail.

Ensure HIPAA compliance with Sookasa’s enterprise-class security

Sookasa’s HIPAA compliant cloud storage solution has passed extensive third-party audits

Business Associate Agreements

Sookasa signs BAAs for users of our Compliance Plan.

Complete audit trail

Audit all data accesses and changes made by anyone to any file.

Automatic device lock

Lock your application automatically after periods of inactivity.

Device and user blocking

Block lost or stolen devices, restrict user access, and wipe devices remotely.

Emergency access

Get secure access to files in urgent situations via the web dashboard.