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5 tech tips to prepare for the Phase 2 HIPAA audits

 The pre-audit surveys for the Office of Civil Rights’ (OCR) Phase 2 HIPAA audits are already being sent out to healthcare providers and their business associates. If you’re one of the 800 organizations that receives a survey, you might be selected for an audit.Read more »

What if Apple’s ResearchKit compromises security?

For years, thousands of apps on phones and wearables have been collecting a lot of data: about where we’re going, what we’re eating, how well we’re sleeping.  On Monday, Apple announced that it has created a framework, ResearchKit, to put all that information to work, putting it in the hands of researchers. But without proper safeguards, it might end up in the wrong hands, too.Read more »

Anthem’s hack begs the question: Why didn’t it use data encryption?

When Anthem, the second-largest health insurer, announced late Wednesday that it had been hacked, it was shocking only in terms of how little progress has been made in the wake of breaches of Target, Home Depot, and Sony. Momentum for large-scale hacks has been building—and potential targets aren’t keeping pace.

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