Secure your financial firm on the cloud

With bank-grade security, Sookasa enables finance professionals to use Dropbox and Google Drive while protecting proprietary information.

Why Sookasa?

The cloud makes working with data easier than ever, transforming finance by enabling professionals to harness the power of data and simplifying how firms and clients collaborate.

But most cloud services do not comply with PCI, forcing finance professionals to suffer a tradeoff between privacy and productivity—just when they need efficiency most.

Sookasa bridges the convenience and compliance gap, protecting client information in the cloud to allow finance professionals to use Dropbox and Google Drive to deliver better service.

Boost productivity with Sookasa’s compliant cloud solution

Run your firm on the cloud

  • Safely access your important files from anywhere.
  • Back up all your business-critical information.
  • Optimize workflows and share proprietary information seamlessly among colleagues and clients.

Balance employees’ BYOD desires

  • Balance employees’ desire to use their personal devices and favorite programs for work.
  • Leave the clunky keychain authenticator in the dark ages.

Ensure Payment Card Industry DSS compliance and protect PII

  • Prevent records exposure and safely handle sensitive client data.
  • Update permission settings in real-time.
  • Monitor access to secure files.

Sookasa enables finance professionals to use Dropbox and Google Drive in a compliant way

World-class encryption

Sookasa’s patented technology offers the highest standards of security and control.

Complete audit trail

Audit all data accesses and changes made by anyone to any file.

Automatic device lock

Lock your application automatically after periods of inactivity.

Device and user blocking

Block lost or stolen devices, restrict user access, and wipe devices remotely.

Emergency access

Get secure access to files in urgent situations via the web dashboard.

How finance professionals use Sookasa

N.C. Financial Solutions trusts Sookasa to store and share sensitive insurance information on Dropbox in accordance with HIPAA

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“As a federal bank subsidiary regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Dropbox did not provide us with the security and controls required to be in compliance. Sookasa, however, now secures and encrypts all our files allowing us to use Dropbox… and it’s all seamless! Thank you Sookasa for a terrific product!” —Kenneth J. Klawans, Founder, iReverse Home Loans