Get best-in-class cloud security

By protecting student data with seamless encryption, Sookasa enables educators to use Dropbox and Google Drive while complying with FERPA and HIPAA

Why Sookasa?

With the cloud, collaboration has never been easier, transforming education by making it easier for schools to manage data and simplifying how educators collaborate with students and colleagues.

But most cloud services are not HIPAA- or FERPA-compliant, forcing educators to suffer a tradeoff between privacy and productivity, or implement systems that aren’t as easy­ to use as Dropbox.

Sookasa bridges the convenience and compliance gap, allowing education professionals to use Dropbox to power productivity while keeping sensitive student information safe.

Enhance collaboration and ensure privacy in education with Sookasa

Run your campus on the cloud

  • Back up all your important information—and leave your flash drive at school.
  • Safely access your content from anywhere.

Make collaboration easier

  • Optimize workflows and share seamlessly with students and parents, teachers, admins, and counselors.
  • Collaborate on lesson plans, assignments, and budgets.
  • Securely transfer admissions data, test scores, billing information, health data, and more.

Protect student PII

  • Prevent records exposure and safely handle sensitive data, from admissions info to billing data.
  • Update permission settings in real-time.
  • Monitor access to secure files.

Sookasa enables educators to use Dropbox in accordance with FERPA and HIPAA regulations

World-class encryption

Sookasa’s patented technology offers the highest standards of security and control.

Complete audit trail

Audit all data accesses and changes made by anyone to any file.

Automatic device lock

Lock your application automatically after periods of inactivity.

Device and user blocking

Block lost or stolen devices, restrict user access, and wipe devices remotely.

Emergency access

Get secure access to files in urgent situations via the web dashboard.