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Sookasa's leading encryption, DLP, and enforcement solutions for Dropbox provide enterprises with the security and compliance they need while preserving the native Dropbox user experience


Sookasa’s one-stop-shop for Dropbox security


File Scan, Sookasa’s data loss prevention tool, checks your Dropbox Business or Enterprise team’s accounts for high-risk data, like PII, PHI, and IP, so you can apply proper data classification policies and take steps to protect important information.

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Once you’ve identified sensitive data, you can keep it on Dropbox—but encrypt it with Sookasa’s patented file-level encryption. Sookasa protects data both on devices and in the cloud, and decouples the data from the encryption keys, meaning your data stays secure no matter where it goes.

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With Sookasa, you can instantly revoke encryption keys to block users or devices, enforce two-factor authentication, or set automatic session timeouts. You can also audit how your organization is sharing data externally or get a complete history of how your team’s files are being accessed—even for data synced to devices.

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Sharing couldn’t be easier

With several ways to share, Sookasa makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues, patients, and clients alike—whether they have Sookasa or not.

Shared Folders

Use the combination of Sookasa and Dropbox with collaborators to easily and securely share sensitive files and folders. Sookasa only allows people you’ve authorized to view particular files, and you can revise permissions in real-time.

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With Sookasa, you can receive encrypted files from anyone, from patients to clients to external collaborators—even if they don’t have Sookasa. Each access point is authenticated and audited.

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Need to send a one-­off file to a patient, client, or colleague? Simply send them a secure link, which will allow them to easily access your Sookasa-­encrypted file.

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Best of all, end users love it too

Your end users will keep using Dropbox the same way they always have, but will now place high-risk files and folders within the Sookasa folder, which lives within Dropbox and automatically encrypts its contents.

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Sookasa's seamless Dropbox encryption

Sookasa’s seamless suite of security products enables organizations to enjoy all the benefits of Dropbox, with all the confidence of compliance and security. Learn how it all works. 

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Trusted by enterprises everywhere.

“Sookasa allowed our hospital to safely deploy Dropbox, enabling us to make our doctors happy—and deliver better care.”

—Gerry Moore, CIO, St. James Hospital Group

“Sookasa makes me sleep a little better knowing I’m keeping my clients’ information online safely. With Sookasa and Dropbox, I’m always tapped in to a client’s case. If a client calls or emails for a status update, I can address it immediately—wherever I am, whenever they need.”

—Don Murray, Founding Partner, Shalley & Murray criminal defense firm

“Sookasa will enable us to utilize cloud storage to allow all employees of KIPP Houston to access our data from anywhere, on any device, universally synced, that is HIPAA compliant. This ability makes KIPP more efficient through cutting edge technology.”

—Son Han, Director of Accounting, KIPP Houston Charter Schools

“As a federal bank subsidiary regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Dropbox did not provide us with the security and controls required to be in compliance. Sookasa, however, now secures and encrypts all our files allowing us to use Dropbox… and it’s all seamless! Thank you Sookasa for a terrific product!”

—Kenneth J. Klawans, Founder, iReverse Home Loans





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Seamless integration with the Dropbox ecosystem

Sookasa delivers the security enterprises need as Dropbox’s enterprise file sync-and-share system increasingly becomes a core collaboration platform. Sookasa also integrates with many of the other tools that connect to the Dropbox universe, from SSO services and more.

Key Features

Prevent Cloud Data Loss
Encrypt Seamlessly
Analyze Data Classification
Track Behavior Easily
Remediate Instantly
Enjoy Holistic Security

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