How Sookasa enables compliance on the cloud

Sookasa enables users to enjoy the convenience of Dropbox and Google Drive while enabling compliance with HIPAA regulations. Our solution has passed extensive third-­party audits attesting to the strength of our enterprise-­class security.


Centralized control and audit trails

Sookasa’s centralized dashboard gives administrators a lens into their entire organization. Sookasa audits every access to encrypted files, even after they’ve been downloaded to devices or shared externally, a key element of compliance regulations.


Remote device and user blocking

Administrators can centrally block access to data across all connected devices, even when a device is offline, a technology feature that gives HIPAA compliance and other policies teeth. When someone is separated from the business, admins can revoke access to encrypted files and use Sookasa to retrieve info stored on the employee’s Dropbox or Google Drive accounts.


Emergency access

Sookasa provides a web dashboard from which files can be downloaded and decrypted in urgent matters.

Third-party audits

Sookasa has undergone extensive security and  HIPAA compliance audits by Praetorian, a leading security consulting firm. We’re proud to provide the details of their report.  Learn More »

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