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Slack Data Loss Prevention

When your company has multiple teams working in Slack, sending each other files, collaborating on projects, and communicating across channels, it can be hard to keep track of exactly what information is being shared and how. There’s no doubt that Slack does wonders for your business’ productivity and efficiency and makes it particularly easy to share data—but you should also expect it to maintain a secure work environment. We’ve outlined Slack security basics and ways in which Sookasa can help encrypt files in Slack; another major element of a secure workplace is data loss prevention. Here’s a primer on how Sookasa can help maintain Slack data loss prevention.Read more »

Making the Most of Slack Encryption to Protect Your Company’s Data

Slack has quickly become one of the leading communications platforms among businesses, allowing employees and teams to bypass email to communicate easily and seamlessly. Sookasa’s Slack integration leverages the platform’s API to provide enhanced security options like DLP, visibility, and enforcement measures to keep company data safe and let team administrators monitor real-time activity. What’s more, Sookasa allows for Slack encryption; team members can share sensitive data through encrypted files and folders directly within Slack. Slack encryption ensures that no internal or external unauthorized users will intercept confidential information.Read more »