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Turns out, millennials do care about security—and convenience

When it comes to privacy concerns, millennials might seem a little blasé, especially in the wake of data breaches, what with their enthusiastic embrace of apps that share their information.Read more »

Pro tip: Why unique accounts are key to HIPAA compliance

From a workflow perspective, it might not make much of a difference to you if everyone in your company shares login credentials for your data storage, sharing, and syncing solution. But a close reading of the HIPAA compliance guidelines reveals that crowding your staff on the same account threatens to undermine your compliance efforts.Read more »

Sookasa Partners with Dropbox for Business and Debuts Team Auto-Add

Every day at Sookasa, we’re searching for ways to make working with sensitive data simpler and more secure.

That’s why we’re so excited to unveil our partnership with Dropbox for Business, an integration poised to take Sookasa’s enterprise-class capabilities further. Sookasa provides enterprise-level encryption, easy data management, and auditing and control features, to protect critical corporate data stored in Dropbox for Business accounts.Read more »

How to maintain HIPAA compliance with Dropbox and Box

The emergence of cloud and mobile technologies has introduced major challenges for healthcare organizations seeking to adopt cutting-edge productivity tools while facing rising HIPAA obligations. This post explains the compliance risks associated with these technologies and provides a clear guideline for fully adopting cutting-edge cloud technologies, such as Dropbox and Box, in a healthcare setting.Read more »