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Tech to watch: DLP (even Gmail’s doing it!)

Over the last couple of years, encryption has become par for the course for businesses who prioritize security. But almost as soon as encryption became mainstream, it also became clear that it wasn’t enough. Sure, encrypting your company’s data—and encrypting it at the file level—is necessary, but now more and more companies are asking not, “How can we encrypt?” but “What do we encrypt?” and more importantly, “Where is it?”

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The takeaways from Gmail’s encryption update

Gmail has been encrypting its email in transit for years, especially to secure the connections for emails sent between Gmail and other email providers. Over the last year, the number of encrypted emails sent has doubled. This is all good, because it means that any emails containing sensitive information are basically traveling around cyberspace in a “protective envelope” and can’t be intercepted.Read more »

Keeping your information secure during tax season

Come April every year, most people begin a dalliance with a large amount of sensitive information in the form of tax documents. W-2s, 1099s, all manner of other IRS forms, and the tax returns themselves are a veritable treasure trove of personal information that you wouldn’t want falling into the wrong hands. If the wrong person intercepts any one of those forms, they’ll have your social security number, address, and full name—in other words, everything they need to steal your identity. Tax-related identity theft was the most common type of identity theft reported last year.Read more »

Clinton’s email scandal shows shadow IT is everywhere

Even the upper echelons of government can’t escape the problem of shadow IT.

The revelation that Hillary Clinton spent her entire State Department tenure using a personal email account was surprising only in that someone so high profile could successfully circumvent technology protocol—and could do it without even the shell of an official email account. (After all, President Obama had a long running joke about his use of a Blackberry over an iPhone).Read more »

Sookasa announces breakthrough capability that lets users securely receive files from anyone

Sookasa's secure receipt portal, shown to individuals uploading documents to Sookasa users
Sookasa’s secure receipt portal, shown to individuals uploading documents to Sookasa users

At Sookasa, we’re focused on making it easier for professionals, small businesses, and enterprises to collaborate more securely and efficiently. Today, we’re thrilled to announce a feature that addresses a previously fraught workflow: securely receiving files.Read more »