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The Curious Security Mindset of the Fortune 500

In our time building security solutions for consumers, small-to-medium businesses, and enterprises, one of the things we’ve found most striking is the difference in mindset among these types of organizations.

You might see it when reading between the lines every time there’s a new data breach in the news. The message? Even with a security budget that can fund a small country, there are enterprises out there who don’t take security seriously because they’ve deemed it cheaper for them to deal with a breach than to spend money on the infrastructure to prevent it.Read more »

Kick off Cybersecurity Awareness Month with these five tips

At Sookasa, we think that cybersecurity is a universal goal, so we’re thrilled that President Obama agrees with us. By designating the month of October as National Cyber Security Awareness Month, the government aims to raise awareness about the threats facing our cyber world and what we can do to ward them off. Read more »

Where’s the preventative medicine in the UCLA data breach?

Another day, another data breach. Or so it seems at least, as news broke that the University of California Health System has been infiltrated by hackers, exposing the personal information—including social security numbers and other protected health information—of 4.5 million people.Read more »

IRS tax return breach demonstrates snowball effect of hacks

Last week, the IRS revealed that more than 100,000 past tax returns have been stolen since February through an application on its website. While the IRS’ website was not directly a victim of a data breach, the situation highlights just how pervasive data breaches are—and how they can have a domino effect. In this case, cybercriminals took advantage of other recent breaches that had exposed users’ email addresses, passwords, social security numbers, addresses, and birthdays. They then used that information to answer the security questions on the IRS’ website and request the returns.Read more »

Worry about users—not cloud hacking threats

At first, it may seem counterintuitive to suppose that data stored in the ether is better protected than files on traditional software applications or files locked in a cabinet, in turn locked in an office. But with professional security management, strict ISO security standards, and increasingly focused protection, the cloud is becoming more secure than ever. So why do we worry so much about cloud hacking risks?Read more »