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How sync can undermine HIPAA compliance

If you’ve looked into the guidelines for HIPAA compliance, you already know that achieving compliance isn’t exactly straightforward. Unfortunately, neither is evaluating cloud-based solutions that trumpet their HIPAA certification. That’s because one critical part of the workflow—syncing to devices—can actually undermine your security.Read more »

The Theocracy of the Cloud: Why Box’s Enterprise Key Management solution falls short

Last week, Box unveiled its long-rumored encryption solution to allow customers to manage their own keys. Some speculated that it might nudge businesses that have been wary of the cloud to finally get on board. But we suspect that security-minded enterprises will conclude that this server-side encryption solution falls woefully short.

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Sookasa and Box HIPAA compliance: Why file-level encryption is so important

With the news that cloud storage company Box is dusting off its initial public offering materials and heading on the road, all eyes are on the company and what its fortunes signal for the broader cloud industry. For healthcare professionals, interest in the company has coalesced on a finer point: Claims ensuring Box HIPAA compliance. It begs the question: What does it really mean for a cloud solution to be HIPAA compliant?

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