The Sookasa Blog

What happened in October

Well, we made it through the pumpkin month. As usual, at Sookasa, we stayed busy building—and maybe carving a Jack-O-Lantern or two.

Here’s what we did:
  • We added support for two-factor authentication, which can be enabled via the Account page on your Sookasa Dashboard. It’s currently enforced on web, Windows, and Mac. Mobile coming soon.
  • We built File Delivery for Google Drive. Now Sookasa users can securely receive files from their customers on Google Drive.
  • We added a handy search box on the People tab of your Dashboard, which we hope will prove useful for those of you with huge teams.
  • In response to requests from large teams, we revamped our plans to include an Enterprise plan, which delivers a higher level of control and will include more features to come.
  • We added a sweet new graph to the File Scan results that breaks down your flagged files based on which policies were discovered.
  • You can now connect Dropbox for Business in the signup flow. When you do, individual team members on your DfB team who join Sookasa won’t ever be asked to connect DBX—making the process more seamless than ever. Pretty cool.
What a month!