The Sookasa Blog

What happened in November

The glorious month of November has come to an end. Some things we’re thankful for? All that we managed to accomplish here at Sookasa—and all the customers for whom we did it.

Here’s how we kept busy:
  • File Scan is no longer in beta! Anyone with a Dropbox Business or Dropbox Enterprise account can start a free scan here.
  • We enhanced File Scan results by showing whether a folder with flagged files is shared, and by enabling admins to see who has access to shared folders.
  • We added more default keyword policies to File Scan: “date of birth,” “passport,” “driver’s license,” and “medical record number.”
  • We added functionality to the Audit tab on your Dashboard. Now, as an admin, you can view a list of all shared folders on your Dropbox Business account, including who has access, and whether there are members on the folder outside your Dropbox Business team. You can learn more about that here.
  • We made several enhancements to our File Delivery platform: You can now opt to receive an email when your recipient downloads your file; you can check out a new table on your Dashboard that shows how many times a file has been downloaded; and senders can now add a personal message when they send you a file.
  • We created a new tab on the Sookasa Dashboard, Access, which allows you to decrypt and download files from both Dropbox and Google Drive.

Hope your gravy was great!