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How Sookasa Can Help You Encrypt Google Drive

Google Apps for Work quickly became one of the leading cloud providers for businesses, and it only continues to grow. By 2022, Gartner predicts that 1.2 billion business users will be using Google’s productivity suite, with nearly 700 million of them in the cloud. Google Drive, of course, is one of Google Apps’ signature components, allowing employees across industries to share docs, spreadsheets, and other files; sync them to their mobile devices with ease; and store them in the cloud for ready access from anywhere. Being able to encrypt Google Drive files is critical.

If you’re using Google Drive to store, sync, and share sensitive information—for example, PHI, financial data, clients’ personal information, intellectual property, or credit card numbers—you’re likely asking questions about security: What’s the best way to keep this data safe? How can I encrypt my files to protect them from data breaches? Is Google Drive the best option?

Sookasa for Google Drive is a great way to make the most of Google’s default security measures while adding an additional layer of strong encryption.

We’d obviously love for you to deploy Sookasa, but not just for our benefit—also for yours. Here’s the thing: While one of the major benefits of Google Drive is being able to sync files to a mobile device, any default encryption Google provides is lost as soon as that file gets synced to the device. That means that if that mobile device gets lost or stolen (which happens all the time, unfortunately—70 million smartphones are stolen every year), those files are completely exposed. Not only is that a hassle for your company, but it can be a huge liability; a breach of company files can cause a HIPAA violation, a legal battle with clients, financial damage, or a blow to your company’s reputation.

No one is immune to a data breach anymore, but using Sookasa within Google to provide file-level encryption can really make a difference. The way it works is simple. After you download Sookasa, a Sookasa folder will appear alongside your other folders in Google Drive. It looks and acts exactly like a Google Drive folder; the only difference is that it automatically encrypts any files or folders placed into it. Anything Sookasa encrypts gets encrypted at the file level, with the keys separated from the content. This means that the files get encrypted before they ever reach the cloud, and they stay encrypted wherever they go—including mobile devices. Only users you authorize have permission to decrypt the files; otherwise, they appear as an unintelligible jumble of letters.

Sookasa-encrypted files and folders can be shared among users the same way any other Google files would be. What’s more, Sookasa lets team administrators revoke access to individual files, folders, users, or devices with the touch of a button on the Sookasa Dashboard. So if an employee leaves a project or the company, they won’t have access to the files anymore. Similarly, if a mobile device is lost or stolen, access to the encrypted files can be revoked immediately, keeping them protected.

Google Drive alone won’t protect your files as strongly—but it’s a great place to start. If you’re using Google, deploying Sookasa for Google Drive will keep your files encrypted at rest and on devices, allowing you to worry less about security and use the cloud to its fullest potential.