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Behind the scenes: Sookasa: The best night’s sleep in the cloud

I thought Sookasa was just providing encryption and administrative control. I was wrong. Turns out, we’re actually selling a better night’s sleep.

Of course, I never would have figured this out if I didn’t spend so much time talking with our customers. Taking the time to meet with customers face-to-face is core to our design process. It allows us to understand their needs, motivations, aspirations, and problems, which in turn drives everything we do from a product perspective. This is why we developed File Delivery, the easiest way to securely receive files from people who don’t have Dropbox or Sookasa.

But sometimes we hear things that are truly unexpected:

  • “I’ll sleep better tonight knowing my files are protected.”
  • “I have nightmares about losing my clients’ files.”
  • “I’ve literally slept more since I started using Sookasa.”

Sookasa users care deeply about the privacy of their patients, clients, and customers. So much so that they actually have nightmares about their laptops—and all their files—being stolen. It’s understandable: The types of files they’re storing might include a defense attorney’s FBI wiretaps, or weekly therapy notes for a psychotherapist’s (sometimes celebrity) patients. If this information were compromised, their careers could be over. Trust, privacy, and reputation are paramount in industries like these.

But it is becoming nearly impossible to remain productive and competitive without leveraging the productivity of the cloud. So much so that many people are using the cloud when they shouldn’t—whether because of compliance or security requirements—and they’re suffering for it. The need for productivity brings added stress, and at times, less sleep. With Sookasa, that tradeoff is no longer necessary. Our customers are being productive. And when they go to bed, they’re counting more sheep.