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Sookasa announces breakthrough capability that lets users securely receive files from anyone

Sookasa's secure receipt portal, shown to individuals uploading documents to Sookasa users
Sookasa’s secure receipt portal, shown to individuals uploading documents to Sookasa users

At Sookasa, we’re focused on making it easier for professionals, small businesses, and enterprises to collaborate more securely and efficiently. Today, we’re thrilled to announce a feature that addresses a previously fraught workflow: securely receiving files.

Our new feature enables users to securely receive files from anyone—even those who don’t have Sookasa or Dropbox. It’s a complement to the secure sending feature we launched in June. Together, they form Sookasa’s new File Delivery platform, composed of first-of-their-kind one-way sharing solutions. Sookasa now provides 360-degree cloud encryption and addresses every step of the sharing process.

The secure receipt capability presents a key workflow update for users who need to securely receive documents from patients, clients, and customers. The sender doesn’t need to set up, install, or register for either Sookasa or Dropbox.

In designing this secure receipt feature to round out our one-way File Delivery capabilities, we sought a solution for the fact that no matter how much businesses and IT directors do to secure clients’ data, sometimes it’s clients themselves who undermine these efforts—after all, email is awfully easy to use. We believe that airtight security should never compromise seamless usability, especially because a poor user experience is usually where compliance breaks down.

Here’s how it all works:

  • Sync: A user stores confidential documents in their secure Sookasa folder within Dropbox. Users drag files and folders to the Sookasa folder, and the Sookasa application automatically encrypts them. Sookasa users can share encrypted folders the same way they share other folders on Dropbox.
  • Send: From Sookasa, users can email securely to clients by right-clicking a document and selecting “Share Securely via Sookasa.”  Sookasa automatically encrypts those documents while in transit. The recipient doesn’t need Sookasa to open the encrypted files.
  • Receive: Sookasa users can now receive encrypted documents from anyone—without requiring the sender to register for or install Sookasa. Each Sookasa user has a unique upload URL, which they can send to their clients—we even have some who paste their URLs in their email signature. The sender clicks on the URL, uploads the document, and it’s launched directly into the user’s Sookasa folder. The file is automatically encrypted.

With numerous ways to share, Sookasa is making it easier than ever to exchange information securely—just as it should be. Want to learn more? Check out our official announcement here or contact us at