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Announcing File Scan, our next-gen DLP product

After a month of fine-tuning in public beta, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of File Scan, our brand-new data loss prevention product.

File Scan brings our security suite full circle, making Sookasa the first all-in-one detection, protection, and enforcement cloud access security broker for Dropbox for Business. We heard from many customers that the simplicity of a single platform is key: Security on the cloud is complex enough without having to toggle between multiple screens to gather insights and mitigate risks. File Scan gives IT the intelligence it needs to audit risks, examine data usage, and understand behavior; Sookasa’s file encryption product provides a seamless way to properly protect the data that matters most; and its enforcement features deliver the tools IT needs to give their security policies teeth.

When we set out to help IT rein in the data sprawl that comes with the cloud, we started with file encryption, because we knew that any good security approach had to include a means to protect and audit data, whether it’s stored in the cloud or on devices. File Scan takes this effort further, by putting greater insight—and control—in the hands of team admins, a tacit acknowledgment that you can’t protect your business against the risks you aren’t aware of.

File Scan uses complex detection algorithms and leverages the Dropbox for Business APIs to scan group cloud storage accounts for business-specific custom keywords and patterns like credit card and Social Security numbers.

To learn more about how our fully integrated CASB solution can simplify security across the cloud for your organization, contact us for a demo. Or, you can give File Scan a spin on your own with one click: Simply head here to run your first Scan.

The mass proliferation of data brought on by the cloud requires a dramatic reimagining of the traditional approach to security. We’re just getting started.