Most companies deploy encryption for compliance, study finds

As data breaches become increasingly commonplace, companies have increasingly turned to encryption technology to keep their data secure. A new study published by the Ponemon Institute surveyed 5,000 companies to see exactly why companies are adopting encryption solutions. The largest adoption driver—at 61 percent—was the need to comply with federal regulations such as HIPAA, FERPA, PCI DSS, and others.Read more »

Tech to watch: DLP (even Gmail’s doing it!)

Over the last couple of years, encryption has become par for the course for businesses who prioritize security. But almost as soon as encryption became mainstream, it also became clear that it wasn’t enough. Sure, encrypting your company’s data—and encrypting it at the file level—is necessary, but now more and more companies are asking not, “How can we encrypt?” but “What do we encrypt?” and more importantly, “Where is it?”

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The takeaways from Gmail’s encryption update

Gmail has been encrypting its email in transit for years, especially to secure the connections for emails sent between Gmail and other email providers. Over the last year, the number of encrypted emails sent has doubled. This is all good, because it means that any emails containing sensitive information are basically traveling around cyberspace in a “protective envelope” and can’t be intercepted.Read more »

Turns out, millennials do care about security—and convenience

When it comes to privacy concerns, millennials might seem a little blasé, especially in the wake of data breaches, what with their enthusiastic embrace of apps that share their information.Read more »

Increasing adoption of encryption with California’s new data security breach law

Here at Sookasa, we’re very pleased with the news out of our home state of California that Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law several pieces of legislation that aim to curtail data breaches and their fallout.Read more »