What happened in November

The glorious month of November has come to an end. Some things we’re thankful for? All that we managed to accomplish here at Sookasa—and all the customers for whom we did it.

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Want to know who has access to what on Dropbox? Introducing Dropbox Audit

As the leading provider of transparent encryption to secure enterprise file sync-and-share solutions, we know that encryption forms just one part (granted, an essential one) of an intelligent security strategy. The other big one? Visibility.
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What happened in October

Well, we made it through the pumpkin month. As usual, at Sookasa, we stayed busy building—and maybe carving a Jack-O-Lantern or two.

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What happened in September

Another month has come to a close. Here’s how we spent September in Sookasa-land:Read more »

File Scan for all!

I say this a lot, but I mean it: Today is a very exciting day. We’ve made it as easy as one click to give your Dropbox for Business account a security checkup.Read more »