Introducing Google Drive Audit

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of a brand-new product for Google Drive: Audit. This announcement makes our CASB platform
truly holistic, with tools to detect risks on Google Drive, protect important data, and enforce security policies.
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Why data is so important to stemming HIPAA violations

The Dept. of Health and Human Services’ so-called HIPAA Wall of Shame is meant to capture all manners of sins when it comes to HIPAA violations, from breaches caused by unauthorized access to those involving stolen laptops. But while the Wall of Shame is a worthy database, it doesn’t tell the whole story, in part because it only concerns violations reported to the OCR and organizations whose breaches impact 500 or more patients.Read more »

Sookasa’s philosophy on API-based cybersecurity

In many ways, security a couple of years ago was truly a simpler time. Picture it: All your business’s data neatly (or, OK, not-so-neatly) contained behind a corporate network. Firewalls and malware detection schemes weren’t perfect, but they addressed the primary risks head-on. And as employees started bringing new programs in, the natural impulse was to monitor both those downloads and behavior on them. And block both.

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Announcing File Scan, our next-gen DLP product

After a month of fine-tuning in public beta, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of File Scan, our brand-new data loss prevention product.Read more »

Heading to Dropbox Open? Let’s talk security

We’re thrilled to be sponsoring Dropbox Open, and joining our longtime partner for this exciting invite-only conference on November 4. Read more »