Sookasa Makes Your Dropbox HIPAA Compliant

Dropbox is loved for its easy storage, syncing and sharing features, but it is not HIPAA certified. Sookasa acts as a transparent layer over Dropbox to encrypt your sensitive information on the cloud and across connected devices. Sookasa enables you to use Dropbox while remaining HIPAA compliant. Sookasa has passed extensive third-party audits that attest to its compliance and security. Power your productivity and protect yourself from HIPAA violations by starting your free trial with Sookasa today.

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How It Works

It’s easy to get started

Install Sookasa and Dropbox or Drive

Once our file encryption software is installed on your computer, Sookasa creates a special folder within Dropbox and Google Drive that protects your files.

Protect Your Files

Simply drag your files into the Sookasa folder to encrypt them. We’ll decrypt files the moment you need to work with them.

Share with Collaborators

To authorize people to share your Sookasa files, right‐click on an item and select “Share Securely via Sookasa." You’ll share folders the same way you always have on Dropbox and Google Drive.

Convenient Data Access Meets Total Security

Centralized Control and Audit Trails

Sookasa’s centralized dashboard gives administrators a lens into their entire organization. Sookasa audits every access to encrypted files, even after they’ve been downloaded to devices or shared externally.

Remote Device Wipe and User Blocking

Administrators can centrally block access to data across all connected devices, even when a device is offline. When someone is separated from the business, admins can revoke access to encrypted files and use Sookasa to retrieve info stored on the employee’s Dropbox account.

Secure Sharing

With Sookasa, you can send and receive encrypted files from anyone, from patients to clients to other collaborators—even if they don’t have Sookasa. Each access point is authenticated and audited.

What Sookasa Users Are Saying

“We’re excited to work with Sookasa to provide businesses, particularly those that deal with highly sensitive content, a joint solution and seamless experience between the two services.” – George O’Brien, Product Manager, Dropbox for Business dropbox

“Sookasa provides a HIPAA compliant solution allowing our company to seamlessly store and access files securely, making it possible to provide our own clients with personalized service from anywhere in the world” – Matt Hughes, MD, MPH, Founder, Occudigm Health customer-healthcare-testimonial_21

“I loved the convenience of Dropbox, but stopped using it because of security concerns. using Dropbox again. Sookasa has worked well for me, and the support has been excellent the few times I have needed it” – Nan Evans, Law Office of Nan Evans logo_nan_evans-35

“Dropbox has a great user experience, and one tradeoff to that is security. Sookasa is the answer to that issue. I would definitely recommend Sookasa to anyone using Dropbox for storage of sensitive information” – David Crump, Director of Operations, Choice Medical Healthcare customer-healthcare-testimonial_24