Cloud security, simplified.

Rely on a single, seamless CASB solution to detect breach risks, encrypt data, and enforce your security policies—across all the tools your team loves, from Dropbox to OneDrive to Slack.

Sookasa works only on Mac OS High Sierra and Mojave. We are not compatible with Catalina or BigSur. We suggest customers not to upgrade their OS if they want to use Sookasa.
Similarly Sookasa is compatible with Windows 10 build version 1803 and below. The later releases of Windows 10 are not supported.

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The only fully-integrated CASB on the market.


Sookasa offers two products to help you detect risks in your cloud accounts by leveraging the APIs of our integration partners. Audit, Sookasa’s visibility solution, helps you identify sharing patterns and activity across Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, Slack, Salesforce, and Zendesk. File Scan, Sookasa’s data loss prevention tool, checks your team’s files on Dropbox for high-risk data, like credit cards, Social Security numbers, customer information, PHI, and corporate intellectual property. With Sookasa, you can rest easy knowing that confidential information isn’t improperly exposed on the cloud.

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Once you’ve identified sensitive data, it’s easy to encrypt it and continue using your preferred file sync-and-share solutions. Sookasa’s patented file-level encryption protects data both on devices and in the cloud, and decouples the data from the encryption keys. Your end users keep working the way they always have, but now place high-risk files and folders within their Sookasa folder, which automatically encrypts its contents. While most conventional cloud storage providers leave your files unencrypted when synced to mobile devices, Sookasa ensures that your files stay protected anywhere they go. Now available for Dropbox and Google Drive.

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It isn’t enough to have security policies in place—you need tools to verify that your team adheres to them and methods to actually enforce them. With Sookasa’s Audit product, you can quickly check that your team is using and sharing data on SaaS solutions securely. Advanced enforcement options also let you enforce two-factor authentication, set automatic session timeouts, and instantly revoke encryption keys to block users or devices.

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The cloud has already reimagined work.
Let’s reimagine security.

The old perimeter-centric approach to security no longer makes sense in an age when employees rely on the cloud for everything from file storage systems to communications platforms. Your company stores vast amounts of data in the cloud, and not only do you need to know what it is and where it is—you need to resume control of it.

Enter Sookasa, which protects your information on the network and beyond. With the cloud, your data is everywhere. With Sookasa, your security can be, too.

Your employees want to use the best new technologies.Let them.

Trusted by enterprises everywhere.

“Sookasa allowed our hospital to safely deploy Dropbox, enabling us to make our doctors happy—and deliver better care.”

—Gerry Moore, CIO, St. James Hospital Group

“Sookasa makes me sleep a little better knowing I’m keeping my clients’ information online safely. With Sookasa and Dropbox, I’m always tapped in to a client’s case. If a client calls or emails for a status update, I can address it immediately—wherever I am, whenever they need.”

—Don Murray, Founding Partner, Shalley & Murray criminal defense firm

“Sookasa will enable us to utilize cloud storage to allow all employees of KIPP Houston to access our data from anywhere, on any device, universally synced, that is HIPAA compliant. This ability makes KIPP more efficient through cutting edge technology.”

—Son Han, Director of Accounting, KIPP Houston Charter Schools

“As a federal bank subsidiary regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Dropbox did not provide us with the security and controls required to be in compliance. Sookasa, however, now secures and encrypts all our files allowing us to use Dropbox… and it’s all seamless! Thank you Sookasa for a terrific product!”

—Kenneth J. Klawans, Founder, iReverse Home Loans





Learn more about our first-of-its kind, fully integrated CASB and encryption platform.

How our encryption works Our Dropbox and Google Drive encryption solution delivers the security enterprise businesses need—without disrupting the way end-users need to work. We preserve the native storage, syncing, and sharing capabilities of Dropbox and Google Drive by creating a secure folder that automatically encrypts its contents. Learn More »

Cybersecurity APIs As the first fully integrated API-based CASB provider, Sookasa relies on the APIs of integration partners Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Slack, Salesforce, and Zendesk to provide near-real-time monitoring, visibility, and DLP. This grants admins fine-grained functionality that affects data wherever it goes, even if it’s outside the network. Learn More »

Latest news In November, Dropbox selected Sookasa to bolster customers’ security in the cloud as a Premier Partner in its new Partner Network. With this move, Sookasa became Dropbox’s only fully integrated risk detection, data protection, and policy enforcement CASB partner. Learn More »