File Security, Anywhere

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Sookasa encrypts all files placed in the Sookasa folder on Dropbox, using the industry’s highest security standard: AES 256 bit encryption.
Dropbox encryption

Secure Communication

Sookasa uses SSL to communicate between the device apps and the cloud server. Our communication is protected from Man in the Middle (MITM) attacks.
Dropbox security

Blocking Devices

In case the device is lost or stolen, both the user and the administrator can block devices from accessing encrypted files. You can revoke all the keys of a device at anytime with a click of a button, and protect files even when the device is offline.
Dropbox Encryption for employee off boarding

Employee and Partner Off-boarding

Administrators can revoke access to a team member or external parter in real-time. When a person is removed from the team or external partner list, Sookasa revokes access to files that were encrypted by the team.

Other Features

  • Separation of Data and Keys

    Sookasa does not store any of your files on its servers. It only handles the encryption key distribution, access control management and audit trail collection.
  • Real-time Access Control

    When an encrypted file is accessed on a device, a request that includes the user and device identifier is sent from the Sookasa app on the device to the Sookasa server. The server checks in real-time whether the user and device are authorized to open the file.
  • Offline Access

    Sookasa allows you to access encrypted files offline, by caching the keys securely for a controlled period of time. The default key expiration time is 48 hours and can be changed by the account administrator. After a key expires, the user won’t be able to access the encrypted file unless the device becomes online.
  • Application Expiration

    To prevent unauthorized file access from a stolen device, Sookasa requires a user password to be entered after a predefined inactivity time. The Sookasa web dashboard inactivity time default is 30 minutes, and the device app default is 3 hours. These times can be configured by the account administrator. If the device goes offline, the application will always require the user to re-enter the Sookasa password.
  • Audit Trails

    Sookasa audits all file accesses across all devices. Sookasa provides file audits even for files that have been shared externally. Administrators can access the audit trails of their entire team.