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FERPA Risks in the Cloud

Cloud services like Dropbox and Gmail offer unparalleled collaboration capabilities for educators and school administrators. Staff can leverage these tools to collect and synchronize student data, distribute class hand-outs, collect homework assignments and share research results. However, the ubiquitous access to data from any device increases the chance of sensitive data leaks.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) forbids the disclosure of student personal information, such as grades, to an unauthorized party. Therefore, if you accidentally share sensitive personal data with an unauthorized person, or lose a mobile device or laptop that contains student records that were synchronized by a cloud service, your school is liable for a FERPA data breach. Additional data privacy regulations, such as HIPAA and state privacy laws, may also apply to the same breach incident.

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Remain FERPA Compliant with Sookasa

Sookasa enables you to safely use your favorite cloud services while remaining FERPA compliant. Simply place your sensitive files in the Sookasa folder inside Dropbox, and your files will be encrypted, audited and controlled anywhere on the cloud and on any of your devices. You can enable your authorized colleagues to access encrypted files, by adding them as team members, or enable collaboration with an external authorized organizations by adding them as external partners on Sookasa.

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Affordable Security for Education

Educational institutions spend thousands of dollars per employee on on-premise storage, secure VPN access and endpoint management. These high maintenance solutions are inadequate for providing mobile access and cloud-based collaboration.

Sookasa is significantly more cost effective, at $10 a month per user.

What our clients say about us


Sookasa will enable us to utilize cloud storage to allow all employees of KIPP Houston to access our data from anywhere, on any device, universally synced, that is HIPAA compliant. This ability makes KIPP more efficient through cutting edge technology
Son Han, KIPP Houston Charter Schools


I am a college professor and I use Sookasa for FERPA compliance. I have used stand-alone encryption programs, but I don’t have a copy of that software on each of my mobile devices, especially my iPad. With Sookasa, I can access my student records from virtually anywhere with complete confidence that they are protected.
I sincerely appreciate the tremendous convenience and protection of Sookasa. Thanks for a great product

Randy Lamkin, Ph.D., Visiting Associate Professor,
(University of South Carolina Beaufort)