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Sookasa’s Essential Compliance Features

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File Encryption, Anywhere

Sensitive files should always be encrypted when they are stored outside the company’s premises. Sookasa encryption protects files anywhere: on cloud services and on any mobile or remote device.

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Real-time Access Control

Businesses need to control who can access sensitive data, and to revoke access at any time. Sookasa allows businesses to enable or revoke access in real-time. If a device is compromised or if an employee is separated, Sookasa immediately blocks unauthorized access of sensitive data.

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Audit Trails, Anywhere

Businesses need to know who accessed sensitive data at any given time. Sookasa audits every access to files on the cloud and on the device, even after the file has been shared externally.

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Third-party Auditing

Sookasa has gone through extensive security and compliance audits by Praetorian, a leading security consulting firm. You can download the results of our latest audit.

Compliance FAQ

Is Sookasa HIPAA Compliant?

Sookasa enables full compliance with the technical safeguards of HIPAA. These include encryption, access control, audit trails, automatic log offs and more. For more information, download our white paper.

Is Sookasa FERPA Compliant?

Sookasa enables full compliance with FERPA. Sookasa encrypts student sensitive information and ensures that only authorized staff can access it.

Does Sookasa sign HIPAA Business Associate Agreements (BAA)?

Yes. Sookasa signs HIPAA Business Associate Agreements at no additional cost. If you require a BAA, please contact us:

Is Box/Dropbox/Gmail HIPAA Compliant?

While some cloud services offer HIPAA compliance for files stored on their servers, they cannot offer any protection for files downloaded to devices. Since these services automatically synchronize a large number of files to multiple devices, they expose healthcare providers to a significant HIPAA breach risk due to a lost device.

Sookasa is the only product that protects files across cloud services and devices and provides full HIPAA and FERPA compliance.