Sookasa Makes Your DropboxHIPAA Compliant

Dropbox is loved for its easy storage, syncing and sharing features, but it is not HIPAA certified. Sookasa acts as a transparent layer over Dropbox to encrypt your sensitive information on the cloud and across connected devices. Sookasa enables you to use Dropbox while remaining HIPAA compliant. Sookasa has passed extensive third-party audits that attest to its compliance and security. Power your productivity and protect yourself from HIPAA violations by starting your free trial with Sookasa today.

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How It Works

Convenient Data Access Meets Total Security

Popular cloud file sharing services like Dropbox unlock new opportunities for enhancing efficiency and improving coordination and quality of care. But because they aren’t compliant, they also introduce significant new risks, such as unauthorized file sharing, PHI exposure through devices, and more. Sookasa provides a seamless, simple solution. Start your free trial today, and enjoy the following great features:

imgCompliant Sharing

Send secure links for encrypted files in a HIPAA compliant manner—even to recipients who do not have Sookasa or Dropbox

imgAccess Control

Allow or revoke access to all of your sensitive files in real-time.

imgAudit Trails

Sookasa audits every access to your encrypted files, even after they’ve been downloaded to devices or shared externally.

Getting Started With Sookasa Is Easy

Sign Up & Install

Sign up for Sookasa and download the application to your computer. You can also install Sookasa on your mobile devices. We support Mac , Windows, iOs and Android.

Upload Files & Folders

Sookasa will create a special folder in your Dropbox. Place your files in the “Sookasa” folder. Sookasa will automatically encrypt and track these files.

Collaborate & Share

Authorize collaborators on Sookasa. Use Dropbox like you always have. Dropbox manages sharing and synchronization, but Sookasa manages the keys.